Most SATISFYING DIY Chocolate Cakes ever ! Download

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  • Published on Aug 12, 2019

  • Most SATISFYING DIY Chocolate Cakes ever ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family :D Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Most SATISFYING DIY Chocolate Cakes ever ! SIMILAR VIDEOS ► CHALLENGES ► SOCIAL MEDIA •Instagram: •Twitter: •Facebook: •Twitch: OUTRO SONG:


  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 1 week ago (edited)

    One like= one spoon for Azzy. I will start. 🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄(515)

  • Hamaad Hussain
    Hamaad Hussain 1 week ago

    Azzy: Gimme some chocolate!!

  • Compute Art
    Compute Art 1 week ago

    This is how many chcolate Azzy eats today

  • John Kobe
    John Kobe 1 week ago

    Azzy: “Chocoate is my one true love!”

  • Zora Kuehne
    Zora Kuehne 1 week ago

    I love when she says they should make sushi cake. It's called a Swiss roll lol

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  • Danielle Schlarman
    Danielle Schlarman 1 week ago

    3 this vid ( totally written in chocolate 🍫)

  • Darryl Szabo
    Darryl Szabo 6 hours ago

    Who wants to break it to Azzy? Anyone...No one....Fine...Azzy we need to talk it's not cake sushi it's called a cake roll. YEA THANKS EVERY ONE!

  • naheed khan
    naheed khan 1 day ago

    Me : goes to put chocolate wrap in the bin looks in the mirror thinks now I know how lily was saying how my but is better then hers0.0

  • Victory Pupz
    Victory Pupz 2 days ago

    Azzy : I’m gonna eat my body weight in cake.dont try and stop me .

  • Chloe Welbourne
    Chloe Welbourne 1 week ago

    This is azzys heart 💔

  • Maisie’s world of sloths

    I never do cooking vids i only have 7 subs im sad ( channel) maisies world of sloths

  • Cleo pup
    Cleo pup 1 week ago

    I LOVE U AZZY!!i just subscribed to u and am v proud of myself 😏

  • Berlyn Borglum
    Berlyn Borglum 1 day ago

    Not a cake roll....

  • Høt _ CocoDragon
    Høt _ CocoDragon 21 hours ago

    If there’s anything i love more than Nate- I MEAN LIKE! It’s chocolate!

  • Chris
    Chris 1 week ago

    If this is blue you love Azzy

  • Mackenna Wilemon
    Mackenna Wilemon 20 hours ago


  • BeKaBeAr 157
    BeKaBeAr 157 1 week ago

    For the bff cookie you eat it with your bff

  • Cindy Connor
    Cindy Connor 5 hours ago

    Strawberry’s are red

  • I'm a unicorn! :D
    I'm a unicorn! :D 8 hours ago

    Who else was getting hungry? :0