Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades Download

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  • Published on Aug 12, 2019

  • Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect. Please consider supporting my videos on http://www.patreon.com/CaptainDisillu... Join the CD Discord server! I might show up for some Q/A: https://www.cddiscord.info/discord Video being discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr3ng... Guest - Matt Parker: http://www.youtube.com/standupmaths


  • Makyx
    Makyx 1 week ago

    Casualy brings on mathematician to tell him 3*60 is 180

  • Taran Van Hemert
    Taran Van Hemert 1 week ago

    God, I love how he wasted Matt Parker's appearance.

  • Lojical
    Lojical 1 week ago

    Ever get a suspicious feeling when two Youtubers release vaguely similar videos at the same time?

  • J. Anthony Ashley
    J. Anthony Ashley 1 week ago (edited)

    This guy reminds me of those 2000s basic cable educational shows. Nostalgic. :D

  • John Castrucci
    John Castrucci 1 week ago

    Ever thought of doing a collaboration with the Corridor Digital guys?

  • Teddy Hwang
    Teddy Hwang 1 week ago (edited)

    I thought there was going to be a skillshare ad when he brought up him installing the ceiling fan just by himself

  • Undercover Gamer
    Undercover Gamer 1 week ago


  • Fusseldieb
    Fusseldieb 15 hours ago

    New to this channel and I must say that the video quality/edition is top notch!! Definitively subscribed and liked! Keep up the spectacular work :)

  • waptek0
    waptek0 1 day ago


  • Justsomeguy yep
    Justsomeguy yep 1 week ago

    He has to paint his face every video

  • Praying Birds
    Praying Birds 1 day ago

    What about an epilepsy warning next time please...?

  • Jay Sucks At YouTube

    What's Matt Parker good for?

  • Jason Finley
    Jason Finley 1 week ago

    In the decade I've been watching, production quality never ceases to amaze me. Fantastic as always CD.

  • Almost Canadian
    Almost Canadian 20 hours ago (edited)

    Or just watch a movie. Look at car tires, if the frame rate is faster than the rotation the wheels look like they're spinning backwards

  • Alex Paluzzi
    Alex Paluzzi 1 week ago

    Capt D and Matt Parker. Easy thumbs up all around.

  • Calkin Garg
    Calkin Garg 1 day ago

    They have also created a miss pong video to get even with you captain. Can you debunk that too?

  • ChrisIsRedBeard
    ChrisIsRedBeard 1 day ago

    I did a lab in my engineering undergrad where we shined a strobe light at a motor to get the RPM's so that we could calculate the power output. It was pretty nifty.

  • Sskrimp_TeX •
    Sskrimp_TeX • 1 week ago

    The helicopter was just asserting dominance over us foolish humans by T-Posing

  • Bryan de Paepe
    Bryan de Paepe 1 week ago

    Nice cover story, it's really a matrix glitch being reflected off the flat earth.

  • IllPropaganda
    IllPropaganda 1 week ago

    "Love with your heart, use your head for everything else."