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  • Published on Aug 12, 2019

  • Time to tell a story about idempotency, computer science, and the Night of the Multiple Orders. • Sponsored by Dashlane —try 30 days for free at: MORE BASICS: Written by Sean M Elliott and Tom Scott Directed by Tomek Graphics by Mooviemakers Audio mix by Haerther Productions Thanks to Dashlane for sponsoring the video! If you're techie enough to watch this video, you should be using a password manager. Get a 30-day free trial at I'm at on Twitter at on Facebook at and on Instagram as tomscottgo


  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott 1 month ago (edited)

    Yes, I had help with the graphics for this series. There's no way I'd have animated that myself! On that note, thanks to Dashlane for sponsoring and helping me hire an animator: their free trial link is

  • Kinetik07
    Kinetik07 1 week ago

    So it's like double posting by accident?

  • Putin did nothing wrong.

    See you all in 2023 when this video gets recommended again

  • Bibi Mizrah
    Bibi Mizrah 2 days ago

    Dash Lane is good. If you want self hosted multi device password manager that’s open source I recommend Bitwarden

  • Philip Melchert
    Philip Melchert 1 week ago

    Everyone else: Goes to bed a reasonable time

  • MarbleSwan666
    MarbleSwan666 1 week ago (edited)

    I find the idea of two armies going one by one through a valley sending acknowledgments back and forth until everyone is dead hilarious

  • Kinetik07
    Kinetik07 1 week ago

    So it's like double posting by accident?

  • Brian Certain
    Brian Certain 1 week ago (edited)


  • Dominykas Turčinavičius

    "A single human error is never the root cause"

  • Ikis DragonFist
    Ikis DragonFist 1 week ago

    -"So what are we having? Chinese? Mexican?"

  • z beeblebrox
    z beeblebrox 1 week ago

    idempotency: when you're able to have children, but just the one time.

  • Tamashii M. H.
    Tamashii M. H. 1 week ago (edited)

    "If you're in computer science and work on a problem which involves potential loss of life, I really hope you're not watching a series called The Basics."

  • Voodoomancer
    Voodoomancer 1 week ago

    Moral of the story: If you want to be a programmer, learn to cook.

  • blooDDragoNNetwork
    blooDDragoNNetwork 2 days ago

    This guy is something between 20 and 60 years old i cant tell

  • Lysergesaure1
    Lysergesaure1 3 days ago


  • Andrew Blucher
    Andrew Blucher 21 hours ago

    "A single human error is never the root cause"

  • Sean O'Brien
    Sean O'Brien 1 week ago

    Nobody would put a castle in a valley between two perfectly good hills, therefore the entire video is invalid.

  • Kevin Chiu
    Kevin Chiu 7 hours ago

    why can't messenger A go back the same path with messenger B, or go back alone to verify the acknowledgement?

  • Maldus Alver
    Maldus Alver 1 week ago

    "Would you like to pay again?"

  • Netbattler11
    Netbattler11 1 day ago

    you know this really seems like something which should have been at least mentioned in passing in my CS curriculum