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  • Published on Sep 10, 2019

  • Tickets NOW available!! REEEEE http://www.jacksfilmslive.com


  • Crimson
    Crimson 5 days ago

    S-so basically YIAY live...but actually live

  • Japa
    Japa 4 days ago

    I was going to play but then he said I won’t get to be murdered on stage

  • Angeldygr
    Angeldygr 4 days ago

    "Tickets are 250 dollars"

  • Singham Gadhvi
    Singham Gadhvi 4 days ago

    Please go to Nepal jack they will love your show.

  • Andre AA
    Andre AA 4 days ago

    Can’t wait to spend $25 of my time, to only not get picked.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 5 days ago

    did he just start the video with ‘what up furries’ or am i hearing things...

  • mari black
    mari black 4 days ago

    Omg John im so proud of you coming out of the closet

  • musimomo
    musimomo 4 days ago

    if you come to europe you had better bring that 21+ to 18+

  • Not Quite Dovahkiin

    Jack looks more and more like a young coke-addicted Hugh Laurie every video.

  • Lucas the Bot
    Lucas the Bot 4 days ago

    Petition for john to wear his fursuit to the show!

  • Isaac Robertson
    Isaac Robertson 5 days ago

    So it’s literally just yiay live but we have to be in the same room as you

  • Sarcastic G
    Sarcastic G 4 days ago

    Jack I hate you!!!!! What about the European fellas come on I want a piece of this live show.

  • Stunt Playz
    Stunt Playz 4 days ago

    Why does he look like jacksepticeye/sean with the beard

  • Ryan Nagap
    Ryan Nagap 4 days ago

    You garbage LA people better treat Jacksfilms right so I can see him in my city, freaking spoiled pieces of trash

  • SeeDo
    SeeDo 4 days ago

    Jack has facial hair that looks good? and yiay super live is commin

  • Cam Grivas
    Cam Grivas 4 days ago

    You can't be balding and have a beard

  • josh678595
    josh678595 4 days ago

    Phase 1: YIAY Live Live

  • Couch Kids
    Couch Kids 4 days ago

    these usually never get me but i legit clicked off the video and noticed last second

  • Kylixion _
    Kylixion _ 4 days ago (edited)

    Kid: Mom, can we get a Tony Stark?

  • David Torne
    David Torne 5 days ago

    I like Jack's new beard, but I preferred the last one, the one named Erin