A double whammy for dopey II - Dopey's nightmare begins and his first proper tantrum :( Download

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  • Published on May 17, 2017

  • The first time Dopey really throws a tantrum. It's both comical and sad.


  • William Buck
    William Buck 2 years ago

    i can't wait to see how dopey reacts to a new baby this should be interesting

  • Suzanne Rose
    Suzanne Rose 2 years ago

    This video sure was interesting and enjoyable to watch....good ole Reddy! She's got spunk and determination.. she gets a five star .

  • Wreckof theHesperas

    Boy, this weaning stuff is brutal

  • Warren Chambers
    Warren Chambers 2 years ago

    I hear a distance voice in my head??? Hush up boy or I'll give you something to cry about. If Reddy just throttle his butt a few times he would give up.

  • Becky Stokes
    Becky Stokes 2 years ago

    I always knew Dopey didn't have Mac attacks because he never had a reason to! 😂. Poor baby's got some competition, and likely will be facing more in the future! His Mac attack was adorable, pitiful, and funny at the same time. I swear he was pouting. So cute!! ❤️

  • french beauties
    french beauties 2 years ago

    Great to see that there is finally a reason for Reddy to get rough with Dopey. Dopey didn't know what happened but he kept trying. I see his little mind saying but Mom just let me hold it, hee! And talk about a girl in need, Reddy sure is that. I believe she had already mated with the stranger then again and again. Dopey is definitely going to have a younger sibling in a few months. And I do think Reddy will wean him very quickly as she will need all the nutrients for her and her new baby.

  • Tracy DuPree
    Tracy DuPree 1 year ago

    This one has to be my favorite or one of them of dopey . When he is so hurt by his mom saying no and climbs on her back and won't even let mom look at him . That is so sweet that he is so sensitive . And reddy is a very caring mom .

  • Maureen Banks
    Maureen Banks 2 years ago


  • Amen
    Amen 2 years ago

    Loll, I don't feel bad for Dopey what so ever. Reddy is really interested in that intruder, oh my. She is stalking him. (He's probably like - man this is easy!! LMAO...) When she was sitting next to him on the curb, she would bounce her rear end up and sit back down then bounce it back up at any movement he made lol - doing the monkey twerk for the Intruder.

  • deb Nelson
    deb Nelson 6 months ago

    You just don't know no they are adorable how feisty they are that's about growing up

  • karen willis
    karen willis 1 year ago

    I really love ur videos but, u flash the words of the story too fast. Can u just slow down just a little please?

  • Heather Hart
    Heather Hart 2 years ago (edited)

    :45 her teat might ad well be taunting him, its a big bright teat that screams "FOOD"!!!!!!

  • Heather Hart
    Heather Hart 2 years ago


    ECOMHICKS 2 years ago

    (Before watching) I'm gonna get my popcorn ready for this...

  • James Pagano
    James Pagano 7 months ago


  • Migdalia Madera
    Migdalia Madera 2 years ago

    that was funny, the words you used to describe what's happening in every part of your video. keep them coming.

  • Seliece Duckwitz
    Seliece Duckwitz 2 years ago

    Oh my,

  • J. A. Harbour
    J. A. Harbour 1 year ago

    You are the best Arroz !! Thank you God bless you and your family

  • Megan Jones
    Megan Jones 2 years ago

    Reddy-"Sorry son but the milk bar is clooosed"! lol Poor Dopey just doesnt know what to do.

  • Bonnie Barber
    Bonnie Barber 2 years ago

    I can really see his mind working. He is thinking so hard, trying to figure out how he is going to get that tit in his mouth.