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  • Published on Jan 1, 2019

  • Before I start talking...there’s no part 2 and her eyes are only allergic not her skin GACHA LOGIC! and...In England it’s primary school then high school then college then university :) you leave primary school at 11 in year 6 then go to high school :))Okay onto the talking...Omg guys I’m shook at how many subscribers I have O-o thank you so much!!! Also happy new year :)) I never knew I would get so many subs this fast. On my old yt channel I did Vlogs (ItzNic0I3-vlogs) and I have had that for around 3 years now and i got 20 subs on that account throughout those 3 years but on this channel...500 subs in only a few months! I’m so grateful. I got inspired by “the girl that’s allergic to sun light” but I changed it up a bit so that her skin is okay against light but her eyes are allergic Bye!