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  • Published on Dec 24, 2018

  • It’s short, it’s bad, and it took me three hours to record the music because of how loud my fam is XD Merry Christmas Guys! The song is Melodies of Life Btw


  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon 5 months ago

    Teacher be like: Teaching nahhh breadsticks

  • CGYxx
    CGYxx 8 months ago

    ...? Wait... what happened... Yato makes sploof unconscious and they are now dating.... ??.?.??.?.?????.

  • p a s t e l c y c l o n e
    p a s t e l c y c l o n e 8 months ago (edited)

    Wow Lel Poor Hei He looks so lonely XD

  • • honey
    • honey 8 months ago

    poor Hei, single like me.

  • Gacha Studio T.M.
    Gacha Studio T.M. 8 months ago

    One like=One prayer for hei

  • brxken Milsso
    brxken Milsso 8 months ago

    Why at the end he slapped her was that a joke for his friend?! I'm confused

  • •Kittie's Corner キティコーナー•

    Did anyone else see the captions?No?Just me?Okay

  • The SK Sisters
    The SK Sisters 8 months ago

    1 Like = 1 Kiss For Hei

  • Gacha_ Kiko 까칠 키고

    Roses are red

  • xBlueToastx *
    xBlueToastx * 8 months ago (edited)

    The story always changes topic but my heart is still beating so yeh ;v;

  • Nplayz 1234
    Nplayz 1234 8 months ago

    Wo wo wo she just exepted him after all he did to her?

  • cherina genevhine
    cherina genevhine 8 months ago

    When yato slapped sploof she already had an emotion

  • its sxde
    its sxde 8 months ago


  • Clerlove Play Z
    Clerlove Play Z 8 months ago

    I really think spoof should have another ship. Yato makes me really mad. And btw, WHY IS THERE NI SLIPPER ATTACKS

  • RandomKid AAA
    RandomKid AAA 8 months ago

    I’m not gunna lie no hate on this vid but if I was Sploof I would have thrown Yato off the roof and laugh at his stupidity to pick a fight with me on a roof, and I would not call 911, over all GOOD VID!

  • Jason Cho
    Jason Cho 8 months ago

    teacher dreaming about breadsticks

  • Riya Jakhu
    Riya Jakhu 8 months ago


  • JaSona Scott
    JaSona Scott 8 months ago

    lmao i was calling her sploofy instead of sploof

  • AlbertsStuff is Erykmdswwftbucfmk
    AlbertsStuff is Erykmdswwftbucfmk 8 months ago (edited)

    I ship hei and sploof...

  • Данила Багров

    Watch the subtitles! XD