Hacking internet cafe for unlimited time. Download

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  • Published on Feb 13, 2011

  • Hey Hackforums it's me JohnRonder and SubFocus. We were both at a mall today when we found an internet cafe so we decided to try bypass the time limit and so we did :) Enjoy.


  • langit cerah
    langit cerah 2 years ago

    the admin dont suspend it??

  • Raymond Donaldo
    Raymond Donaldo 8 years ago

    thanks for the video!! :D

  • just a noob xD
    just a noob xD 1 year ago

    bro its 2018

  • syafiq hassan
    syafiq hassan 6 years ago

    will the owner of the cybercafe can detect it?

  • Crazy Explosive hacker

    It works!!!!!!!thats how i do it 1.open the pc 2.when its open press(ctrl+alt+delete) 3.press restart 4.when its opening press f8 5.safe mode with internet connection 6.wait it to load 7.ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazy Explosive hacker

    I dont think so safemode isnt like cmd that can be deleted

  • Daniel Gottel
    Daniel Gottel 6 years ago

    You shouldn´t post things like this. People might try this in my lan house and that would be dangerous. Pick little $hits like youup by your ears and throw you out on the street!!

  • Joanna culit
    Joanna culit 6 years ago

    Get a life moron !

  • Wildcats970
    Wildcats970 6 years ago

    and now i teach you how to uninstall internet cafe program 1. press start 2. press run 3. search msconfig 4. press boot 5. press safe boot 6. apply & restart computer 7. after restart go start> control panel 8. press uninstall a program 9. uninstall ecafepro/ ccafe/ internet cafe pro/ whatever program 10. open msconfig again 11. press boot 12. close safe boot 13. apply & restart again 14. play! :)