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  • Published on Jan 22, 2019

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  • Anthony Carsten
    Anthony Carsten 7 months ago

    One has to accept consequences of your actions, when you are doing things illegally. When you are drag racing illegally on public roads at the same time that the public are using it, you could either kill or injure innocent people or yourself. There is no difference between going out clubbing, getting pissed and then driving your vehicle, or somebody who goes out and steals a car and then gets shot in the process of stealing the car, or you want to show off by racing on public roads. All three are illegal. Both have been actioned through criminal intent. You have nobody else to blame but yourself. The point arises as to why should the public feel sorry for this chap and not the car thief or the drunk guy. They all committed a criminal offence and placed the public at risk.

    DJSAVAGEPLAYS 7 months ago

    He almost hit that other car

  • солнцевская солнцевская братва

    Lucky to be alive ? Bro I’d rather die than be amputated on both legs

  • Angabart Icekrappin
    Angabart Icekrappin 6 months ago

    Not on public roads.

  • DJ S
    DJ S 7 months ago

    This is what happens when idiots have too much money and too little brains, although I suppose now that he has been rendered a vegetable he has even less brains. At least he won't be driving any more cars in this life time.

  • Shehzaad Caunhye
    Shehzaad Caunhye 5 days ago (edited)

    Doing quick lane changes at 300 km/h shows just a lack of mind, experience and skill. Why Bugatti was tested to the max on flats and straights only?

  • 44 YAM x
    44 YAM x 7 months ago

    Guess he didn't win😂😂

  • Yegonizer
    Yegonizer 4 months ago

    Good advice man... No worth it at all

  • Kaizu
    Kaizu 7 months ago

    When squids go full savage

  • RAC Parts
    RAC Parts 7 months ago

    Sjoe i can watch this again & again & again & again yoh people please be careful

  • Morne Reyneke
    Morne Reyneke 7 months ago

    He took that race seriously even willing to risk his live and his passengers life. O well we all have tried to see how fast our cars can go at some point right. Luckily he is still alive.

  • trident checkit
    trident checkit 7 months ago

    what makes me laugh is he has a vid out flexing all his cars must have over 3 million rand in cars but from what i hear asked for cheap tires for the race, round about R1800 per tire, you can see the back left tire give out as he passes the car in the middle lane. i guess cheap tires cant go 260kmh

  • GodfreyD
    GodfreyD 7 months ago

    Why not just hire a race track, cars are seriously dangerous, not only for you but for other who are innocent of your foolish acts. I love speed and I take it out on a console, Need for speed, because I put no one in danger there... if I wanted realistic feel I'll go to a race track, where it's me and the asphalt. Come on guys we have a lot of problems to deal with lets not add more unnecessary ones.

  • zubair bawa
    zubair bawa 7 months ago

    Vark dom ppl with too much money he got what he deserved

    SUNSHINE 1 7 months ago


  • Quo Vadis
    Quo Vadis 7 months ago

    That's what you call a 'dom doos'.

  • Jadon langson
    Jadon langson 7 months ago

    Your ma se poes don't talk kak naai

  • Bad Brotha
    Bad Brotha 7 months ago

    jy make a nother video , there was a passenger in the bmw , 2 people !

  • Mirella Visser
    Mirella Visser 7 months ago

    I totally agree with you...think twice before that dice it's not just your life you're messing with .... BUT......He was wrong no matter what ,he is wrong and he has to live with the consequences....but still he is human and he has family and friends that are going through hell with what has happened and my prayers are with them!!! And everyone is forgetting that there was a passenger with him in the car, I hope his OK as well.....we all can be cruel but it's a moments of kindness that counts....

  • JohnSnow
    JohnSnow 7 months ago

    Lucky he was losing the race...or the biker would be dead and Maybe even the guy in the other car. Can't see why his legs were that badly damaged tho. Drivers compartment looks pretty much together. Unless he wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Hope the guy recovers. As you say, we all done dumb sh!t sometime. Some of us just luckier than others.