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  • Published on Sep 6, 2018

  • Music video by INNA performing "No Help". (C) & (P) 2018 Global Records "No Help" Download & Streaming: iTunes: Spotify: Get the official INNA app NOW: iOS: Google Play:! Concerts & Licensing: #inna #nohelp #musicvideo Director: NGM Creative (Bogdan Paun) DoP: NGM Creative (Alexandru Muresan) Video Production: Loops Production INNA Online: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: iTunes: Twitter: Official Website: Global Records Online: Facebook: Instagram: Official Website: Twitter: All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. In order to avoid copyright infringement, please do not upload this video on your channel.


  • INNA
    INNA 1 year ago

    Enjoy "No Help"! 3

  • Clash of Lords 2 Venom
    Clash of Lords 2 Venom 1 year ago (edited)

    Sadece T羹rkler beense yorum tutar heralde

  • Fidan Ba覺rl覺
    Fidan Ba覺rl覺 8 months ago


  • Nisa Tanr覺ver
    Nisa Tanr覺ver 5 months ago

    This is the lyrics

  • -_KeMaL-Block strike_- AKYILMAZ
    -_KeMaL-Block strike_- AKYILMAZ 9 months ago (edited)

    Inna seven T羹rkler burdami gen癟ler

  • Agust穩n Barciocco

    La diosa de Ruman穩a 屢. Argentina est獺 presente 佞!!!. Segui as穩 de diosa, cantando tan bien y haciendo muy buena m繳sica

  • Hayrunnisa Selvi
    Hayrunnisa Selvi 1 year ago (edited)

    SONUNDA TRK GELINI OLACASIN HAAAA屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢

  • tiny truffles17
    tiny truffles17 7 months ago

    She needs more recognition.True artist!!!

  • Spydabreej
    Spydabreej 7 months ago

    11 years my favorite singer... Love you Inna thank you 歹痰

  • Gs 1905
    Gs 1905 9 months ago (edited)

    Inna毋屢痰屢痰屢惹eni seviyoruzzzz

  • Vincenzo M.
    Vincenzo M. 5 months ago

    Classic Inna !! I prefer this than the new spanish songs.

  • Nicolae Cristudor Official

    Numai strini vd pe aici Like dac vezi comentariul sta i dac eti rom璽n!

  • 郋邾訄郇 苤迮郋赲

    赲郋郋訇迮 郇邽郕郋邾 邽 郇邽郕郋迣迡訄 郇迮 郋迡訄邾, 郈郋郕訄 迡.

  • Absolutely Myself
    Absolutely Myself 9 months ago

    Who would have thought a garbage bag can look sexy???

  • Cagonschi Rovonschi
    Cagonschi Rovonschi 7 months ago

    I don't understand how this song isn't more popular:( , after "Hot" is the best song by her!

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 9 months ago


  • Yorumcu yorum
    Yorumcu yorum 1 year ago

    T羹rkleri G繹relim 屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢痰屢

  • jrg reloaded
    jrg reloaded 5 months ago

    El estilo que m獺s me gusta de INNA, excelente ritmo!!!

  • Rotana Rotana
    Rotana Rotana 3 days ago (edited)

    I love you 歹 Inna 弘

  • Jennifer Vazquez
    Jennifer Vazquez 2 months ago

    Me encanta esta cancion. Es de las pocas que ya me gustan.. echo de menos las antiguas. Besos desde Huelva Andalucia手